Benefits for Organisations, Employees and Nature

Benefits For Organisations

Bees On The Roof makes it easy to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental initiatives with a full service approach to beehive installation management, employee wellness and community education. It provides a valuable opportunity to profile your organisation and connect meaningfully with stakeholders who share the same values, while helping organisations meet corporate social responsibility and Environmental Management Systems targets.

Benefits For Employees

The importance of workplace wellbeing for employees is now recognised more than ever. In particular, the benefits of mindfulness, including stress reduction, adaptability, problem solving and creativity, have gained traction in organisations keen to support employee happiness, mental health and productivity.

Corporate beekeeping projects are becoming increasingly popular for mindfulness practice. With an intrinsic connection to nature and an absolute requirement for patience, concentration and slow gentle movements, beekeeping provides valuable lessons about pace, mindset and focus.

There’s no tonic for workplace stress like the need to operate on “bee time”!

Benefits For Nature

Bees, as natural pollinators, are vital to the ecosystem. Approximately two thirds of the world’s crops rely on pollination from bees and other insects to reproduce plants and seeds for human and animal consumption. Worryingly, however, bee populations are declining rapidly due to a range of environmental threats including urbanisation and a reduction in native habitats to pesticide use, intensive farming practices and climate change.

Bees On The Roof supports the growth and sustainability of native Irish honeybee colonies through carefully installed and serviced hives. Thousands of bees are brought to Dublin with every new corporate program alongside fascinating bee education that supports pollination initiatives and a greater appreciation for nature and biodiversity.

Bees on the Roof

Witness biodiversity in action on your very own workplace rooftop and reap the benefits across your organisation! Bees On The Roof provides practical and meaningful opportunities for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, the environment and wellness. Take the opportunity to enhance your organisation’s ESG compliance by becoming a bone-fide steward of nature – Bees on the Roof will do all the work – your organisation will reap all the benefit!