Benefits for Organisations, Employees and Nature

Bees On The Roof offers three exciting corporate beekeeping opportunities for Dublin-based workplaces with accessible rooftops and a commitment to sustainability initiatives!

Green Package

  • With this entry level program, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to biodiversity and the green environment by bringing bees to the roof of their workplace. Qualified beekeeper Emma Finn will install your bee hives on your roof, and take care of the hives on your behalf and harvest the hives’ wax and honey seasonally.

Gold Package

  • The Gold package delivers all the benefits of the entry level Green package, plus the advantage of biodiversity workshops and beekeeping classes for employees run by experienced bee educator Emma Finn. Employees will love getting up close with nature, learning how to make a real difference to the environment and developing skills in mindfulness that enhance their professional and personal lives. These valuable benefits are directly measurable against corporate social responsibility and workplace wellbeing targets!

Platinum Package

  • The Platinum package offers organisations the benefits of both the Green and Gold packages, plus an additional brand building boost. Bees On The Roof will develop company branded educational posters alongside a structured education program that can be delivered both internally for employees and externally to local schools and stakeholders under your company brand, boosting your profile and the visibility. This option is ideal for organisations keen to demonstrate their commitment to environmental and sustainability targets and make a meaningful difference to their internal and external stakeholder relationships.

What You Need For Bees On Your Roof

  • A flat roof with comfortable access to enable the safe transport of the beehives to your roof location
  • A lift within your building that can safely transport the beehives
  • Or, an unused piece of ground at the side or back of your building
  • Beehives are placed on a stand and may need concrete plinths for stability. Beehives are strapped down securely to ensure they are safe during storms and windy weather. In some cases additional protection may be required to guard the beehives against inclement weather.

Location is just as important to bees as it is to us, so in the first instance, your rooftop will be assessed to ensure it is safe and appropriate for beehives. Why not get in touch for a preliminary discussion about the suitability of your rooftop location?

Biodiversity Education

Bees On The Roof founder and beekeeper Emma Finn loves sharing her knowledge about bees, beekeeping and biodiversity with children through local school visits. Since 2010 she has brought educational workshops and demonstration hives to more than 10,000 children in the Dublin area, from Montessoris to secondary schools. Fully dressed in an official beekeeping suit with a smouldering smoking device and fun wax samples the children can squeeze and touch, Emma shares fascinating fun facts about bees and the environment for an entertaining yet educational visit.

School visits are only available in May or June. To find out more about a visit to your school, please email Emma today. Link to email

Bees on the Roof

Witness biodiversity in action on your very own workplace rooftop and reap the benefits across your organisation! Bees On The Roof provides practical and meaningful opportunities for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, the environment and wellness. Take the opportunity to enhance your organisation’s ESG compliance by becoming a bone-fide steward of nature – Bees on the Roof will do all the work – your organisation will reap all the benefit!